"I started playing with Fernando when I was 18, on my
debut for the Spanish national team, so we’ve been playing together for nine years,”
“We have won two European Championships and the World Cup together.”

“I really like playing with him. He’s really strong, he goes behind defenders and his movement off the ball is superb. I’m sure we’ll have a good partnership together.”


—Fabregas about Torres (via itsmrs-torres)
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Updated photoset in which Bastille flips off the camera

(not my pics/gifs)

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i’m gonna start using this line

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“I keep rearranging the letters of my sisters The Beatles sign on her bedroom door.

She is not happy.” 

I’ve given up trying to make them normal.


ok and now there’s another one


i didnt know the beatles could become so many words

Eh seatbelt

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The best of Ashley Cole, via Twitter. [x]

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Stadiums I need to go: Stamford Bridge. (London, England)
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[…] I sang in my school’s choir with my sister. One time, the director asked my mother if I could stop training to practice more with the choir. Now I sing poorly and only in the shower.

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